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The following are the minimum Sponsor requirements for a sponsored event:

– Footprint required for the display is 75 feet by 100 feet, that includes the Memorial display and the trailer/store.
– Sponsorship Fee. (Negotiated with TTAFF, contact us for details)
– The “preferred site” should be grassy/dirt area, a paved area could be used but additional requirements must be met. (contact us for details)
– The Site must be accessible for the truck and trailer transporting the Memorial.
– Sponsor is responsible for ALL permits and required insurance policies for the event.
– On site power is preferred but not required.
– Security MUST be provided during the hours of darkness. If not available, it will provided at an additional cost by TTAFF.
– Lighting to the front and rear of the Memorial MUST be provided during the hours of darkness.
– A minimum of 8 (eight) able and willing bodies must be available during the assembly and breakdown process.(roughly 5 hours each).
– Minimum One hotel room must be provided for the driver and a second room if additional volunteers are traveling with the Wall, for the day before setup through the event and the night the day event ends.

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