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Below please find information on how names are qualified to be on the Tribute Wall Memorial. If the name of your hero is NOT on the list, but you feel that it meets the criteria, please follow the directions listed below to have the name considered for the GoldStars Tribute Wall TM.


Procedure to submit name for the Tribute Wall Memorial if NOT found on the list:

The next of kin must submit a request for the above action in writing, and mail copies of all service records (including the DD 214 and death certificate) to the following address:


Tribute to America’s Fallen Foundation, Inc

ATTN:  Tribute Wall Memorial Data Acquisition

3320 Old River Road S

Brooklet, GA 30415


Tribute Wall Memorial name selection criteria:

In order for a Service member to have his or her name added to the Tribute Wall Memorial, one of the following criteria must be satisfied:

A Service member must have:

2.1.    Died in Kuwait, Iraq or Afghanistan between August 2, 1990, and today

2.2.    Died in the defined combat zone on or after  August 2, 1990; or

2.3.    Died as a result of wounds (combat or hostile related) sustained in the combat zone;

(Editor’s Note: The man’s death certificate and other medical records must clearly specify the death was caused by combat or injury in Kuwait, Iraq or Afghanistan. Causes of death which will not qualify include PTSD, Agent Orange, diabetes, cancer, suicide and heart attack.)


2.4.    Died while participating in, or providing direct support to, a combat mission immediately en route to or returning from a target within the defined combat zone.

NOTE: For clarification purposes on the above criteria, there is no requirement that the Service member was killed in action or that the cause of death was combat related.


Department of Defense Instruction 7730.63, “Reports on Active Duty Military Personnel Casualties, in Official Combat Areas and in Noncombat Areas” provided that the casualties to be reported as battle deaths were all those occurring within the designated combat areas and those deaths occurring anywhere as the direct result or aftermath of an initial injury occurring in a combat zone.

In September 1985, DOD expanded definition of “combat casualty,” for the purpose of the Memorial, to include “any deaths which occurred as a result of aircraft accidents enroute to or returning from a direct combat mission to bomb, strafe, or perform surveillance of targets within the defined combat area.”

NOTE: Any names omitted by error will be added to the wall.  In recognition that names might have been omitted for a number of reasons, Tribute to America’s Fallen Foundation setting up a mechanism to review individual cases and determine whether a name should be added to the official roster of casualties, and by extension, to the memorial.

In order to have a name considered for inclusion on the memorial, the requesting party should start by sending a written request to the address provided above. If the documentation submitted supports the claim, and the reviewing body of the Tribute to America’s Fallen Foundation Inc. makes a favorable determination in this matter, the name will be inscribed on the memorial.

For any other questions, concerns or suggestions please use the “Contact us” page on this site.

Thank you all for your support.

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